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Steve Larkin has developed a number of theatre shows, honing his skills over a decade by taking part in international theatre fringe festivals.  His past shows have varied from comedy poetry double act ‘Bold and Spiky’ with the brilliant Rob Gee, to music show ‘Inflatable Buddha: Bigger than Jesus’, to solo cabaret shows, and to spoken word theatre shows.

Spoken word theatre is a rapidly growing genre described by Lemn Sissay as:

“theatre by a spoken word artist more likely a poet which is scripted and directed with theatrical sensibility maintaining the poets integrity.”

Steve currently has three shows available for bookings:

TES - 
Tess of the D’Urbervilles re-imagined


A contemporary theatrical adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s celebrated novel in which the tragic heroine is reinvented for the 21st century as a teenage boy from a Newcastle council estate who is found to be descended from a famous Romantic poet.


An under employed artist lands a job as a ‘poet-in-residence’ at high security therapeutic prison.  Follow him into every dark corner helping dangerous criminals escape... through creative writing.

Fat Sex 
Steve Larkin’s body... of poems and songs! 
Showcasing some of the highlights of a glittering career spanning two decades which has seen often hilarious occasionally poignant performances enthuse audiences world over. fatsex.html
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high res images, reviews, and interviews can be found at the PRESS section of the site.

“a modern tornado of SLAM”


“Making the occupation of poet seem dangerously cool again”

See Magazine, Canada


“Creates theatre that will speak to those who love their poetry from classic literary forms or subversive musician... run to his show!”

Uptown Magazine, Canada